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Welcome to Minimalist Finance, a website dedicated to helping you learn how to budget, pay off debt and be intentional with your money.

At Minimalist Finance you will find articles, resources, and products aimed at helping you on your financial journey. Whether that's paying off debt, saving for an emergency fund, or setting up your sinking funds, we're here to provide resources to help you achieve just that.

Learn more about my story and why I began my personal finance journey here.

↓ Read about The Why, What, How Method for Financial Freedom below

the why, what, how method for financial freedom


1. Figure Out Your "Why"

WHY do you want financial freedom?
WHY do you want to become debt free, hit that savings goal or save up an emergency fund?


2. Set Your Financial Goals

WHAT are your financial goals?
Is it to pay off $63k in debt?
Save up $50k for a down payment?


3. Create a Budget & Execute

HOW will you achieve these financial goals?
By setting up a budget & cash envelope system, you will tell every dollar where to go.

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