My Story

In 2012, I graduated architecture school with approximately $24k in student loan debt. Not knowing any better, I financed a car a year later and ended up with a total of $40k in debt by the end of 2013. The following year, I was introduced to The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey and it completely changed my view on personal finance. It was after reading this book that I decided to stop borrowing money and started focusing on paying off everything I owed. I use this space along with Instagram to document my debt-free journey. As of October 2017, I am officially DEBT-FREE!!

By sharing my journey, I hope to encourage others to
become debt-free & live an intentional life.

My Financial Philosophy

Before I became interested in personal finance, my idea of being on a budget was synonymous with being frugal. I thought being on a budget meant restricting myself from buying things I enjoyed and always looking for the least expensive option. My thoughts on budgeting have changed since then.

Now, I believe a budget is a tool that helps you take control of your money so you know exactly where it goes and allows you to make intentional decisions about where to spend your money. I believe in buying nice things “on a budget”, meaning I’ve made an intentional decision to buy or save for an item I truly want or need.

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