Want to achieve your financial goals? Track them!

Tracking Your Financial Goals

Throughout my debt-free journey, I was diligent about keeping debt trackers for each debt I paid off. Updating them after each payment I made, was one of the things I looked forward to the most during this time. 

There’s just something about tracking your goals that helps you achieve them much more quickly. Whether those goals are related to finance, weight loss, or business, keeping track of them will help you get there sooner. 

There are many methods to track goals. This could look like printed charts that you fill in or spreadsheets you update. No matter what this looks like for you, one thing remains true: Tracking goals has been proven to help you stay focused on what’s important. 

You can see countless examples of this on Instagram, specifically in the #debtfreecommunity. There is a love for tracking and displaying our financial progress. 

If you’re currently working on some financial goals and aren’t using any visual trackers, here are three reasons why you need to start.

No More “Out of Sight, Out of Mind”

When you have a tracker that you’re constantly updating and analyzing, your goal is consistently on your mind, which in turn helps you make better decisions. 

When you aren’t tracking your goals and don’t have a visual way of constantly being reminded of them, we tend to forget about them as day-to-day life takes over. Using a tracker keeps your progress on the forefront of your mind.

Progress, No Matter How Small

Keeping a tracker of your financial goals, whether it’s for paying off debt or saving up for something, makes the process fun and satisfying. You can see your progress in real time, which is a huge motivator. It also urges you to take one more step toward your goal, no matter how tiny, just so you can fill in your tracker and see some progress. 

I remember making debt payments of a few dollars here and there because that was all I could afford at the time. The main reason I would follow through and make those payments was just so I could get the satisfaction of filling in another line on my debt tracker. Similar to that kind of satisfaction you feel when you cross something off your to do list!. 

Putting Pen to Paper to Create Intentional Goals

How many times have we caught ourselves saying, “I want to lose weight,” “I want to save money,” “I want to pay off debt”? Although these are valid goals, not being specific makes them so much harder to achieve. 

When you say things like this, it’s less likely to happen because there isn’t anything quantifiable to help you see your progress or to let you know you’ve hit your goal. 

Creating trackers ensures that you are intentional and really thinking about exactly what your goals are. Is it to lose 15 pounds in two months? Add $1000 to your emergency fund over your next four paychecks? Pay off that credit card with an $11,300 balance by the end of December?

Whatever your goals are, you need to make them quantifiable and give them a deadline. Creating trackers will prevent you from setting lofty, undefined goals that will only lead to frustration and failure.

I created some free printables that not only will help you stay on track, but also look great and can be proudly displayed as you make progress. Just enter your email below so you can download these trackers!

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